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For the past three years Richard and I have gone on a cruise – what I refer to among friends and relations as ‘Nerd Boat’, and what is, in real life, called JoCo Cruise Crazy. We have attended three in … Continue reading

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Soup weather

We are, according to the media, right smack dab in the middle of one of the worst winter storms to hit our area in a long time. Dire warnings have been popping up all over the news over the past … Continue reading

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And next for our plucky party of adventurers

Ever since I saw that they were going to make a TV series out of The Librarian, I have been so excited. I cannot remember when exactly the first movie came out (oh, wait, that’s what IMDB is for – … Continue reading

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No Virginia, there is no war on Christmas

There is no war on Christmas. I am stating this because it is, of course, time once again in the US for the hard-right religious nuts to start bleating about yet another way that us crazy liberals are destroying America. … Continue reading

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The scent of ginger; the screams of the damned

Today, according to the days-of-the-year calendar I found when I was, once again, scrambling to throw together enough prompts for Holidailies for the whole month of December, is Cookie Day. I have no idea who designated it Cookie Day, but … Continue reading

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For the past few days, my area of California (at least large quantities of it) has been quietly losing its mind. What’s that, you ask? Some sort of California-related celebration? Or perhaps a veiled reference to a protest of some … Continue reading

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Brushing off the dust

‘Tis the season, once again, for Holidailies. And as usual, Richard and I were sucked deep into the black hole of Nanowrimo during November, so we were scrambling around to get everything set up in time for Holidailies registration to … Continue reading

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Out there

It is hard not to get a little bit weepy every time I get to the end. Continue reading

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The doom that awaits you all

Last night, as we were sitting at home, enjoying a quiet New Year’s Eve celebration, just us and the cats, we heard a noise from the kitchen. It sounded eerily familiar, so we went to investigate. Imagine our surprise when … Continue reading

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Not a creature was stirring

The cats, apparently, are doing their best to see if they can make me have a heart attack. The other day I came home, dropped my purse on the table, placed my keys carefully and deliberately on TOP of my … Continue reading

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