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We’ve got a trip out of town coming up. We have been using the same petsitting service for years, and most of the time the people who come to take care of our furry horde have been here before. But … Continue reading

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It’s a small world after all

So I think I mentioned that this year for Christmas, Richard got ‘me’ (aka the cats) a Butterfly Jar. It seemed like such a great idea- a glass jar with some kind of weird electronic butterfly thing inside, that flutters … Continue reading

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As is the custom among my people (okay, among my family), this morning I got up bright and early (oh so early), tossed some coffee down my throat, grabbed a piece of the lemon curd coffee cake from last night … Continue reading

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Merry and bright

I got up early this morning, because there really is no way to ignore the incessant and pitiful whining of Azzie when he gets going (unless you are Richard who can sleep through all of it, grumble). Ah well. Early … Continue reading

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For the past three years Richard and I have gone on a cruise – what I refer to among friends and relations as ‘Nerd Boat’, and what is, in real life, called JoCo Cruise Crazy. We have attended three in … Continue reading

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Soup weather

We are, according to the media, right smack dab in the middle of one of the worst winter storms to hit our area in a long time. Dire warnings have been popping up all over the news over the past … Continue reading

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And next for our plucky party of adventurers

Ever since I saw that they were going to make a TV series out of The Librarian, I have been so excited. I cannot remember when exactly the first movie came out (oh, wait, that’s what IMDB is for – … Continue reading

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No Virginia, there is no war on Christmas

There is no war on Christmas. I am stating this because it is, of course, time once again in the US for the hard-right religious nuts to start bleating about yet another way that us crazy liberals are destroying America. … Continue reading

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The scent of ginger; the screams of the damned

Today, according to the days-of-the-year calendar I found when I was, once again, scrambling to throw together enough prompts for Holidailies for the whole month of December, is Cookie Day. I have no idea who designated it Cookie Day, but … Continue reading

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For the past few days, my area of California (at least large quantities of it) has been quietly losing its mind. What’s that, you ask? Some sort of California-related celebration? Or perhaps a veiled reference to a protest of some … Continue reading

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