I am woman. Hear me yelp

I replaced my showerhead tonight.

Oh, I know. Big deal. So what.

But you see, it was a *plumbing* thing. I managed to do a *plumbing* thing and nothing broke! This is not always the case. Plumbing and I do not usually get along. There was the time I took apart the pipes under the sink because my friend dropped her ring down the drain and it seemed such a simple task to pull off the pipe…except that some little rubber gasket or something like that was rotten and fell to pieces the minute the pipe came off and we had to call in the maintenance guy to fix it and he was not amused.

Or the time when the water softener hose came undone and I tried several times to fix it because it kept pouring water all over the floor of the garage and leaking into the dining room of the house and if you’ve ever smelled mildewy carpet, you know what fun *that* can be.

So while replacing a showerhead may seem an easy task, I was not exactly filled with confidence. For all I knew, I could take the old head off and the whole darn pipe would crumble to bits at my feet.

However, it was a piece of cake! Of course this is after I stood in front of the vast display of showerheads at the local hardware store, contemplating which one to get. All I wanted was a showerhead. Just a little metal doohicky I could screw on so that I could actually, maybe, if I was really lucky, have a shower in something that had semi-decent water pressure and didn’t spray upwards and sideways, but *down*, onto me.

Finally I picked one, more out of desperation because the store was closing and by golly I was gonna replace that showerhead tonight so I’d better just grab one *now* than because I’d decided on which of the wall of shiny heads to take home.

Armed with the new showerhead, my wrench, and determination, I headed into the bathroom with my entourage of furry assistants and tackled the chore. There was a brief moment of consternation when at first the old showerhead refused to budge and I had visions of the thing being rusted permanently in place, but hooray, it was just being stubborn, and off it came.

I have a new showerhead. It’s amazing.

Maybe next week I’ll tackle the water softener again.