Talking to myself

Caffeine. I’m running low here. Time to get more coffee. And hurry up about it, will ya?

Sorry. Sleepy.

Hectic seems to be the norm lately for my life. This project I’m currently assigned to keeps hitting snags we never expected. We need a DBA badly, but no sign of one being found or assigned to us. Trying to pin the users down on requirements and getting enough info out of them has been difficult, although it is getting better. However, I’m here for 10-12 hours a day lately, and no end of that in sight at least through this week. I need sleep. This morning more problems, right as I walked in. Nearly two hours on the phone with everyone, trying to track down what happened. No, don’t care what happened. How do we fix it? How do we make sure it doesn’t happen again?

Hook up an IV into my arm and just feed it into the veins directly. Much quicker than drinking it. Really. And then I won’t have to taste it. How can anyone actually drink this stuff *black*?

You’re a wimp you know.

Oh, shut up.

The cats weren’t happy with me last night. I came home to anxious faces. I was a bad cat mom. Very bad. The food bowls were so low you could actually see the bottom! Oh, the horror. The inhumanity. Or something. Anyway, I filled the bowls quickly, all the while apologizing profusely to them, and since I was so tired from work. I didn’t even try to figure out what toy it was they had ripped into nonrecognizable little shreds of green foam all over the living room floor.

Alright, maybe not a caffeine IV. What about a caffeine patch? They have them for nicotine. Why not caffeine?

Yes, but those are for people trying to quit smoking.

So? What’s your point?

Well. You’re not necessarily trying to cut back.

This morning when I was looking for the dish sponge, I figured out what it was. I’m not sure exactly what the sponge did to antagonize them. Or why it is that they decided that, after ignoring this sponge (and all its little scrubby, spongy predecessors) for the 5 years I’ve been in this house, that last night was the night that it had to die. Perhaps it committed suicide. I may never know.

Caffeine. I need more caffeine. Sleep isn’t going to happen. Not for a while. But as long as I have caffeine…..