Wading pool

One of the downsides to swapping out a brand new house for one that was built 100 years ago is the lack of a garage. This means we currently park the cars on the street. It can make things exciting during the summer, when it’s insanely hot out, and one’s car morphs into a death oven on wheels, or during the fall when the one has to navigate for parking along the ever present piles of leaves, but I think the most exciting part about not having a garage is the winter. When it is raining. This is because for whatever bizarre reason, all the water on the street tends to collect right in front of our house, and if it’s been raining long enough, those aforementioned piles of leaves start clogging up the drains, and then when come outside in the morning, we are confronted with a small lake. Not such a big deal, except that in order to get into the car, one must cross the lake.

This morning, the water was more than halfway up the tires on my car, and the little mini lake was too wide for me to just blithely leap across as I’ve been doing throughout the week. I didn’t particularly feel like getting getting my feet completely soaked, and I would have had to hoof it to nearly the end of the block to get to a spot where the flooding was narrow enough for me to cross. So instead, I got into my car through the passenger side door, then hoisted myself over the center console and managed to get myself into the driver’s seat without too much of a fuss.

I am thinking maybe I need to invest in a large pair of rubber boots, just so I can get in and out of my car in the winter. Do they sell those really cute ladybug spotted ones in adult sizes?


Me: You must watch this.

Richard (after watching): Yay fishbowl cat! We need a fishbowl.

Me: Uh. No. We are not going to stuff Azzie in a fishbowl.

Richard: Hmph

Me: Oh please. Like I didn’t know exactly what you wanted it for.