After the last few days, it was so very lovely to be able to sleep in this morning, knowing we didn’t have anywhere we had to be right away. The cats were certainly appreciative of having their humans around longer for the morning, and I have to admit I took advantage of that and lounged in front of the computer longer than I should have, just because they were being extra friendly.

Today held one last visit with family. We headed back to my parents’ house to meet everyone for lunch, and then stayed for a little while afterwards to chat. But Richard’s been slowly coming down with a cold, and my brother-in-law is as well, so we eventually headed back home, hugging our goodbyes to my younger sister and brother-in-law and niece, since this is the last we’ll see of them for a while.

The rest of the day has, for the most part, been all about trying to recover from the holiday. I made more pizza dough for dinner, and we did a little cleaning and decluttering and putting away of gifts, but mostly we just sat and read books and pet cats and tried to enjoy our last moment of freedom before the real world (aka work) comes crashing back in on us far too early tomorrow morning.

‘Tis the season for Holidailies.