Happy New Yearzzzzz

In fifteen minutes (or at least, when I started writing this there were only 15 minutes left) 2009 will be over and 2010 will officially begin. I should probably not be still awake, all things considered, but I have been napping on and off all day, so that simply means that despite the fact that I am still exhausted from being sick, I am now wide awake, waiting for a new calendar year to start. Whee.

Today’s Richard’s birthday, but I’m afraid it won’t likely go down as one of his best. He’s still sick too, although he’s finally starting to feel better, but between the two of us we’ve perfected a truly lovely dry, hacking cough, which is the sort of thing that is on absolutely no one’s list of favorite ways to spend a birthday.

So it’s been kind of a low key sort of day. I got up at the normal time because I had thought last night I could deal with going into the office, but this morning, waking up feeling worse than the day before, I realized that just wasn’t happening. Since he had the day off anyway, we decided to kick off the birthday celebration by crawling blearily back into bed and sleeping for another few hours, or at least until the coughing woke us up.

We had reservations for dinner tonight, to go out and celebrate both his birthday and the New Year, but we ended up canceling, since we’re both still doing too much coughing, and plus, it seems kind of pointless to go out and spend money on a dinner that you won’t even be able to taste (a little side effect of being so stuffed up). So this afternoon I made some baguettes, since the nice thing about making bread is that it’s very short periods of work, interspersed with long periods of inactivity, and thus just about the only sort of thing I could manage to accomplish today. For dinner we pooled together all the random, leftover cheese from the refrigerator, and tossed it into the fondue pot with a jar of pizza sauce, and Richard cubed and toasted one loaf of bread, and we had pizza fondue for dinner. We camped out in front of his computer and watched The Gamers: Dorkness Rising after dinner, which if you are a tabletop role play gamer, you should go track down and watch immediately (it’s low budget, but it’s hysterically awesome). And since we still have some apple pies in the freezer from our last trip to Apple Hill, that’s what we had for dessert.

So..that’s it for 2009. For a year that’s been so eventful for most everyone I know, it seems a bit amusing to have it go out with a coughing, wheezy, whimper. Or maybe that’s just the most appropriate way to see it go. Happy New Year, everyone. I think it’s time to go to bed.

Tis the season for Holidailies.