Carry on

Hurrah, the corner, it has been turned. Of course, this means that while the rest of me is finally starting to feel better, the sinuses belatedly decided to join in on the fun, so I might have more energy, but I can’t really breathe enough to make use of it. Fun times!

Nevertheless, I was starting to get a little stir-crazy from being stuck inside these last few days so, unlike yesterday, when we spent the entire day in our pajamas, today I actually showered and got dressed and left the house. The regular First Friday craft night, hosted by my knitting mom, happened to fall on New Year’s Day this month, so instead of having it in the evening, she stretched it out to encompass most of the day, figuring (rightly) that this particular group wasn’t the sort that was in any danger of suffering from the ill effects of over-excess the night before. So I pulled a loaf of pumpkin bread out of the freezer and sliced that up once it was thawed, and I drove off to pick up my mom and all the remaining cookies from the Christmas gathering, and we headed off to hang out with a bunch of other women and work on our various crafts. I have a baby blanket I need to make in a fairly short period of time, so that I can pack it up and send it off to the nice people at KnitPicks who have agreed to publish the pattern, so that they can have a photographer who actually knows what s/he is doing (unlike, say, *me*) take some shots of it. The last few days I haven’t had energy for much of anything, so it was nice to have a few hours to just sit and do some mindless garter stitching and get back into the rhythm of things.

Of course, the problem with only being on the recovery side of an illness is that I still wear out quicker than I’d prefer, so the rest of the day was spent doing not very much of note. We played a new-to-us Zombie game (Richard got two Zombie-themed games for Christmas this year and we have now played them both and are looking forward to inflicti…er..playing them with larger groups of our friends, one of these days), and we ate leftover pizza fondue, and at some point Richard discovered that the SciFi (oh, excuse me, “SyFy” whatever the heck that’s supposed to mean, don’t mind the excessive eye-rolling over here) channel was having a Twilight Zone marathon and so I suspect the rest of the night will be spent watching old episodes of that until we’re falling asleep in our Snuggies. The future, it is here, and boy do we know how to party.

Tis the season for Holidailes.