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10/10/2002: Winding down

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Richard is off somewhere in the wilds of Chicago nightlife, enjoying blues at some random club somewhere, with a handful of the other Benthic Creatures trainers. I, however, can only sit through one or two blues tunes before I develop a twitch and start looking for sharp objects, so I elected to sit this one out. It didn't matter much anyway because we did our last big hurrah of boot camp earlier this evening, over dinner. Most of us all gathered around a table in a noisy restaurant and had some last minute laughter and bonding over incredible steaks and desserts after work, raising our wine (or water, as the case may be) glasses in a toast to the fact that we have finally reached the end. Tomorrow, after a short day at the office going over all the last minute stuff they need to show us, we'll drop off the rental cars, board an airplane, and fly home. And I think I echo the sentiment of the entire group when I say, quite simply, that I cannot wait to get home. It's been an intense two weeks. We've learned a lot. We've blown away the poor women who were tasked with training us, and got to the point where we were so tired we were punchy, and it was all very worthwhile, but it's almost over. And I just want to go home.

While I am getting more and more antsy to be *home*, I am not looking forward to the flight. I don't know why it is that I seem to be so darn good at coming down sick at the perfect time for this but, just like the last time we flew, the sore throat and sniffles that have been plaguing most of the group all week have settled into a nasty sinus head cold for me. And I have a sinking suspicion that unless by tomorrow I suddenly get a lot better, I'm going to be having a completely hellish time on those planes. Nothing quite like a sinus cold to drag me kicking and screaming into airsick territory. Sigh. I am going to try to get to the store tomorrow at lunch and pick up some cold medicine to take, in the hopes that this might at least let me get through the flight without incident. Cross your fingers for me I'm not looking forward to repeating my last flying adventure.

There has been at least one good thing about being sick, however. The inability to breathe clearly through my nose means that at least for the last few days the cigarette smoke hasn't been bothering me nearly as much. California may have its issues, but one huge plus, in my opinion, is its stance on smoking in public places. Here in Illinois, not only is smoking allowed in bars and restaurants, but also in workplaces! The mind boggles. It truly does.

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