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10/24/2002: Things with teeth

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One of the 'perks' of getting a new job is dealing with all new insurance. In the case of Benthic Creatures, we don't actually get dental insurance, so about a month ago I sat down with my trusty browser and poked around until I found some affordable dental coverage for the two of us. This of course means both of us had to switch dentists, which wasn't such a huge deal, considering it'd been over a year for me and one heck of a lot longer for Richard.

Richard went yesterday, right before work, and got lots of poking and prodding and some kind of extra-special sort of cleaning. I had my appointment today and got the usual admonishment to not brush my teeth so hard (I have crappy teeth, which include thin enamel that apparently brushes off if I scrub too hard. Could I be any luckier?). The fluoride treatment consisted of them squeezing some foamy stuff into little mouth inserts and then I had to stand over the sink with the foam oozing out of my mouth for an entire minute. For the record, I would like to point out that a minute is a very long time when you're bent over a sink feeling just a little like a rabid dog.

The dental excitement, unfortunately, is only just beginning for Richard and I. I have cavities (I always have cavities. It doesn't matter how I brush/floss/whatever. I have cavities. Did I mention I have crappy teeth?), and he's got an unfinished root canal that needs a cap. The dentist office is all booked up through November, so guess what we'll be doing to ring in the holiday season this December. Whee. Or something.

By the time we got home from work, the dentist, and dinner, there were packages sitting on our front door step. With much squealing of glee (well, at least on my part. Richard refrained from any squealing, gleeful or otherwise), we tore into them, and then Richard got to climb out onto the roof (always one of his favorite leisure activities). There've been no comments from curious neighbors so far, but perhaps since we've had those two stone dragons flanking the front porch since we moved in, the addition of another dragon perched on the roof isn't nearly so shocking. We also now have gargoyles sitting atop our computer monitors, and the coolest ceramic dragon teapot ever. And of course they included a new catalog in the boxes, so I had no choice but to go poking through and setting up a wish list at Toscano online because I really need to quit ordering stuff from there, but hey, if other people want to buy us dragons and gargoyles, who are we to stand in their way?

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