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11/27/2002: I must be forgetting something

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I got up bright and early this morning (well, early may be a relative term, since the pack of rampaging elephants otherwise known as cats usually starts careening around at least by 6:30 am) and while Richard went off to his doctor's appointment, I headed for the grocery store to get everything I'll need for tomorrow. Despite the fact that I made a list and checked it several times, I still managed to come home without the bag of ice I'll need for the ice cream maker. So Richard got to do the first of what I hope won't be very many extra trips to the store to get stuff I forgot.

We attacked the house when we both returned from our respective errands and amazingly enough, we now have kitchen counters and tables. And I am always amused by how fiercely I swear that they won't ever get that cluttered again…until the next time. Richard also managed to beat back the dust bunnies on the first floor of the house (the dust bunnies on the second floor get another day to plan their counterattack). The grand furniture rearrangement project is going to wait til tomorrow as well, mainly because by the time we were done with the rest, I was feeling pretty much wiped out, and plus we had an appointment to go sign a huge stack of paperwork.

Back in September we filed the paperwork to refinance the loan since Greenspan was so kind as to drop the interest rates a full point less than our original mortgage. So this afternoon we finally signed all the paperwork to finalize the deal. It probably wouldn't have taken quite as long except that we've been out of town more than we've been home these past two months and it's kind of hard to make an appointment when you're never exactly sure when you'll be gone. But we squeaked it in just in time, and come January, we'll get to pay a few hundred less a month to the bank. Plus it was a convenient way for me to get the title changed to my married name because that was still on that list of 'oh yeah I never changed *that* one either' items for name changing. Yes, I've now been married for over a year and a half. Yes, I am a lazy procrastinator. Shut up.

We had grand plans to get the rest of the cleaning done today, but with the bulk of it complete, we decided to just take it easy for the remaining hours, before heading off to my parents' house for dinner. At this point the stupid sinus infection I've been fighting now for over a week decided it needed to up the intensity and has spent all evening kicking my butt. I've been telling myself that if it got worse I'd go to the doctor and beg for antibiotics (or perhaps massive amounts of pain killers), so after dinner I finally broke down and called the advice nurse on call. She asked me a lot of questions and gave me some suggestions (breathe steam, she said, and do it as often as I can. So I guess I'm supposed to carry a cup of something hot around with me while I set up the turkey tomorrow? This isn't feasible for someone hosting Thanksgiving, folks!). Then she noted that she'd set up an appointment for me tomorrow. Gah. Just my luck I'll have to go to the doctor's on Thanksgiving. I'm figuring it'll be timed perfectly to coincide with the exact time when I *have* to get the turkey into the oven. Poor Richard may get stuck dealing with the cold, slimy, naked bird instead of me in that case. Hmm. Wait. What was the problem with this again?

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