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12/13/2002: Pictures. But not of the ants

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I didn't manage to come up with any reason to go to the emergency room today, so I suppose in comparison to yesterday, today might classify as dull and boring. Gee, I kinda like it this way.

But anyway. Turns out it was a good thing Richard got all the lights up yesterday because it's been soggy and gray all day today. Not, mind you, that the rain stopped me from handing the digital camera to Richard so he could take a picture of our lovely light-infested house. But then he was already soggy from having to traipse around the perimeter of the house with a bag of ant poison, since I came home to find a determined swarm of the little critters marching across the kitchen floor.

Aside from killing a lot of ants and driving around in the rain finding fun toys for Richard's Christmas stocking, I managed to finish baking all the cookies (always much easier to do when you're not bleeding). Then I went around and took pictures of the rest of our decorations, since the one with the lights turned out so well.

Strangely, it was nowhere near as dark out as this picture makes it look, but at least you can see all the lights. And if you peer near the top of that peak right over the front door, you might just get a glimpse of the roof dragon.

Now for the indoor decorations. Here's our fireplace mantel in the living room, complete with garland, miscellaneous weaponry and dragonry, and stockings.

Our lovely tree. We own a very nice star made of gold wire for the top, but it's too heavy for this tree. So just pretend it's there, okay?

Isn't she goofy? I love this angel.

And of course, no Christmas could be complete without the traditional rubber pig. Yes, those are rabbit ears you see on that TV because (gasp) we don't have cable.

Tis the season for Holidailies!

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