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12/20/2002: No unwrapping required

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Today we braved the rain to drive to the Best Buy in Fairfield so that we could purchase our joint Christmas present. The reason for going to Fairfield was actually to take my mom to her car (she's getting a new transmission for Christmas. Talk about rotten timing!), but we figured while we were there…

Originally we were only going to get one game, but we wandered through the racks of choices oohing and aahing over all of them, and finally picked out three. And then we grabbed a Playstation 2 and an extra controller and a package of green and gray memory chips and stood in a line and then there it was. Our Christmas present to each other.

I opened up one of the games on the drive home and read through the instructions, and once we got home, we tried that one for a bit (Half Life), but I was getting too frustrated with learning how to move my character around (she tended to run into walls a lot and look as if she'd spent too much time in the eggnog), so Richard opened up Resident Evil and we had fun with that for quite a while. I actually like watching someone else play games when they're puzzle games, so I got to laugh at him while he tried to get the hang of the controls and ran his character into walls and straight into zombies. Eventually I'll break down and give it a try too and then he'll be able to laugh at me for a while. Fair's fair, and all that.

Tis the season for Holidailies!

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