Archives: November 2002

11/29/2002: Petunia. Okay, and other stuff
11/28/2002: Full
11/27/2002: I must be forgetting something
11/25/2002: On dead birds and other combustibles
11/23/2002: Some tuning required
11/22/2002: Opening
11/21/2002: Not the least bit cohesive
11/20/2002: Paying attention
11/19/2002: Whatever works
11/15/2002: Glassy-eyed
11/12/2002: The list dwindles
11/10/2002: Taking it all in
11/07/2002: Oh that election
11/06/2002: Election? What election?
11/05/2002: I hear there's a beach around here somewhere
11/02/2002: One reason I was looking forward to getting home
11/01/2002: TGIF
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