Archives: December 2002

12/22/2002: Music in my ears
12/21/2002: Twinkle, twinkle little deer
12/20/2002: No unwrapping required
12/19/2002: We are still children
12/18/2002: Immersed
12/17/2002: Today's reasons for joy
12/16/2002: Whirlwind and wet
12/15/2002: Dear Santa
12/14/2002: Tree-hats and cookies and plumbing, oh my
12/13/2002: Pictures. But not of the ants
12/12/2002: Too many to count
12/11/2002: Even the ice cream is festive
12/10/2002: Doing our part for the economy
12/09/2002: Random Acts - No more to leave you than words
12/08/2002: Tannenbaum
12/07/2002: Random Acts - Missing you
12/06/2002: Home again, home again
12/05/2002: The little details that mean so much
12/04/2002: It's not an obsession until we start breathing fire
12/03/2002: My how time flies
12/02/2002: A little lack of direction
12/01/2002: Not exactly scenic
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