Minimal effort

We have spent the entire day in our pajamas.

At one point, Richard headed downstairs to put something warm on, and pondered aloud whether it was worth getting dressed. But we didn’t have any plans today, beyond knitting (for me) and writing (for him), and no need to even walk outside the door.

So we have spent the entire day in our pajamas. I wish I could say it has been spent in sloth, lolling about eating leftover cookies, and watching mindless television, but we got rid of all the leftover cookies after everyone left because it’s better to ease slowly back into that healthy eating thing, and leftover cookies don’t help. And we’ve both had things that really needed to get done. So, no sloth for us. Or at least for me. Just a day spent camped out either upstairs in the living room, or downstairs in bed, surrounded by sleeping cats, knitting, in my pajamas.

Happy Holidailies!