I had all these very grand plans for spending the entire weekend knitting (giant project of doom on needles, must be finished by a certain holiday that is approaching quite rapidly, you know, the usual drill). But the choir director for the church we used to attend called and recruited me to come sing in the cantata, because with all the instruments, he really needed extra voices. So this morning, instead of knitting, I drove off to Dixon and spent three hours rehearsing. Luckily I am not unfamiliar with this particular piece of music, although the last time I sung it, I was singing tenor, not alto, and amusingly, the guy who was the only other tenor with me that time is now singing bass, so he and I were both in the same boat, trying to remember which line it is we were supposed to be singing this time around.

This afternoon it was all knitting, all the time, but this evening, another break – off to see Avatar with friends at the local Imax theater. Since the movie’s just come out, all the shows were selling out pretty much immediately, so the friend who got us tickets was lucky to find seats for all of us, right next to each other. The only problem was that they were in the very front row. And also, we were seeing the movie in 3-D. So…basically I spent a decent chunk of the movie – or at least any time there was a whole lot of fast moving action – with my eyes closed, silently willing my stomach to please calm down enough that I could open my eyes again and see what was going on (thank you, stupid sinuses that make me annoyingly susceptible to this sort of thing).

Luckily the movie was almost 3 hours long, so I was able to catch a majority of it, at least enough to be extremely impressed with the special effects, and with the world that James Cameron has created. The plot is pretty predictable, but luckily (with only a few minor exceptions) it was not so sufficiently eye-rolling as to distract from the overall vision. And I wouldn’t mind seeing it again, if only to try to catch all those scenes I couldn’t watch the first time around – just as long as I can see it without having to sit in an Imax theater, wearing 3-D glasses, in the very front row.

‘Tis the season for Holidailies.

One thought on “Soaring”

  1. I was surprised that the front row didn’t bother me (after the first minute of soaring over the terrain). I’m susceptible to that sort of thing.

    A few years ago Lisa took up World of Warcraft. Several months later I started to play–it looked like something fun that we could do together. But within minutes, I was feeling motion sickness from the game.

    I tried a little longer, foolishly thinking that “I might get used to it”, even though I from experience that motion sickness never ever benefits from more motion. So after a few minutes more, I had to not only stop, but lie down. I was dismayed that I wouldn’t be able to join Lisa in the game after all.

    Then a friend said, “Zoom the camera back.” Ahah! Zooming out made the wobblies stop!

    Hard to zoom out from front row at the IMAX, though.

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