Ten fingers and ten toes

To my brand new neice,

You’re not old enough to read this. You’re not going to be old enough for several years, and by then you may not even care. But you’re just born and there’s things I am thinking, now that I have a little neice. I’ve got a nephew too, and I love him just as much. But you’re a girl, and I’m a girl, and I look at the world through a girl’s eyes and I see things that worry me.

I want for you to be able to ignore mirrors. To treat them as any other piece of furniture. To not look in one and automaticaly find fault with what you see. I hope that you will never feel you must judge yourself on the basis of what you weigh, or what your cup size is, or how large your tush might be.

I want for you to not have to be afraid when you’re out alone in the dark. To never have to worry that because you are female, you are a target. To be able to wear whatever you want and not have anyone think that this gives them the right to treat you as less than a person.

I wish for you a career that has no glass ceilings. No old boys’ network. No discrimination of any kind.

I wish for you a world where you can love who you want to love, whether that be male or female, and noone will even blink

I wish for you a world where the choice of whether to keep or end a pregnancy is yours and yours alone, and not based on what a bunch of right wing religious fanatics think it should be.

I wish for you to grow up strong and confident. To laugh loud and long, play hard, love what you do, love life, live life. You will make mistakes – everyone does. But you have choices. You can either let those mistakes hold you down, or learn from them and use them as stepping stones to raise you even higher.

Welcome to the world, Fiona. It’s a beautiful place.

all my love

Fiona Elizabeth, born at 10:08pm, 01-29-2000, 8 pounds, 20.5 inches.Perfect