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A while back, we decided that, being nerds and all, that we would get ourselves a wireless bathroom scale – the sort which syncs itself to our Fitbit accounts, and lets us track things online. Each of us set up … Continue reading

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Looking back; looking forward

Three years ago I got new glasses, because part of the joy of getting older is your eyesight slowly begins to deteriorate. These particular glasses took me an awfully long time to adjust to, since I got bifocals, and a … Continue reading

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Fit for a polar bear

Today is, among many other things, National Strawberry Day, National Polar Bear Day, and yet another National Pancake Day (there are so very many of them!). However, I decided I really didn’t want to do yet more pancakes or pancake-type … Continue reading

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From the briny deep

There aren’t any food-related Days to celebrate today, although today *is* Tell a Fairy Tale day, so maybe gather around with your nearest and dearest and read them something from the Grimm brothers. Meanwhile, I still have a can of … Continue reading

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Today is Pluto Day, which left me a bit stumped as to what to do for it (I mean, besides play this a few times). But then I remembered that earlier this month there was a food day I didn’t … Continue reading

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Today is National Tim Tam Day. Apparently these are a really big deal in other countries, but here in America they aren’t a grocery store staple like Oreos, so most of us have never had them. I, myself, am not … Continue reading

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It’s the thought that counts

Today is Valentine’s Day, if you’re the type that celebrates it. Richard and I decided early on in our relationship that we weren’t really into it (this encapsulates our thoughts on the matter perfectly), but well, we now live with … Continue reading

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There weren’t any food-related National Days for yesterday. I suppose I could have made one up, but Mondays are notoriously busy for me, what with work and rehearsal, so I decided I’d just skip it instead. Ah well. Today sort … Continue reading

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Today is National Cream Cheese Brownie Day, but I’m not actually going to talk about that, because there won’t be any of those in this house. Not that I have any issues with Cream Cheese Brownies – they are quite … Continue reading

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If the moon hits your eye

Today is National Pizza Day, which is a lovely thing to happen on any day, because pizza encompasses two of the basic food groups (bread and cheese). I’ve made pizza a bazillion times over the years, because as much as … Continue reading

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