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The bargain we make

It was almost twenty years ago, in the fall of 1999. I was no longer officially fostering with the Yolo County SPCA, although I had been known to take in a kitten here and there when one crossed my path … Continue reading

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Operation Kitten Delivery

So as I’ve mentioned here before, we recently took up kitten fostering, and we had a very adorable little kitten – Fern – and her very sweet mom. I set up the House of Floof page as a way for … Continue reading

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A while back, we decided that, being nerds and all, that we would get ourselves a wireless bathroom scale – the sort which syncs itself to our Fitbit accounts, and lets us track things online. Each of us set up … Continue reading

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A brief tutorial

How to photograph a finished knitted item, without cats: Lay out your knitted item on a flat surface, preferably with a solid color sheet of cloth or paper underneath. Stand on stool, or chair, so as to be able to … Continue reading

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Here is the thing pet owners know: pets make noises. Some are normal noises – in our house, Rupert is a narrator and Azzie and Ingrid are whiners and Ruby beeps, and Nutmeg only squeaks imperiously when I’m not going … Continue reading

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It’s the most wonderful time of year

Happy Holidailies! Yes, indeedy, it’s that time of year again, where a bunch of us diehard bloggers do our best to blog on a daily basis throughout the month of December. My success on this has been…um…mediocre at best the … Continue reading

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Two little wins

Two recent ways in which I am winning at this whole ‘adulting thing’: 1) Yesterday I *really* wanted some sort of baked good, except I didn’t want to actually have to *bake* it (because sometimes I am just not in … Continue reading

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Getting into the spirit

We put up the tree today. Long-term readers will note that in years past (seven, to be exact – which coincidentally matches up with the number of years Rupert has been a member of our household – go figure!) this … Continue reading

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This is how Ingrid spends a majority of her day. Cats are so weird. Blogging from A to Z in whatever order I feel like.

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A year or so ago, I got a bag. It is one of those canvas bags, of the type you get as swag at a convention. The thing that made this bag stand out, however, is the fact that it … Continue reading

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