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A brief tutorial

How to photograph a finished knitted item, without cats: Lay out your knitted item on a flat surface, preferably with a solid color sheet of cloth or paper underneath. Stand on stool, or chair, so as to be able to … Continue reading

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Light as air

Do you know what today is? It is February 28th! That means it’s the last day of Thingadailies. We started the month with chocolate, in the form of baked Alaska, so I suppose it’s only fitting that we end the … Continue reading

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Fit for a polar bear

Today is, among many other things, National Strawberry Day, National Polar Bear Day, and yet another National Pancake Day (there are so very many of them!). However, I decided I really didn’t want to do yet more pancakes or pancake-type … Continue reading

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From the briny deep

There aren’t any food-related Days to celebrate today, although today *is* Tell a Fairy Tale day, so maybe gather around with your nearest and dearest and read them something from the Grimm brothers. Meanwhile, I still have a can of … Continue reading

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Phoning it in

It’s been a very long couple days, what with being sick, and also having two performances to get through. This whatever-it-is hit me on Wednesday, and the worst was, thankfully, Thursday, but still, I sang the concerts through the power … Continue reading

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A satisfying crunch

Today is Tortilla Chip Day. Obviously the quickest way to make tortilla chips is to go buy some tortillas, cut them into wedges, and cook them. But you all know me well enough by now to know that that just … Continue reading

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Not fur me

Today is National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. I’m not entirely sure why we’re supposed to appreciate them, but whatever, I’m just here for the baking of weird things. Since I don’t have dogs, but I *do* have cats, I decided … Continue reading

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Comfort food

After all the sweet stuff the last week or so, it was a bit of a relief to check the calendar and see that today is both Chili Day and Cook a Sweet Potato Day (hey, I don’t name these … Continue reading

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Sugar bomb

Today is both Pancake Day, and Sticky Bun Day. What, you say, but wasn’t Pancake Day earlier? Yes, but that was religious pancake day. And also there is yet *another* pancake day coming up later this month, on the 27th, … Continue reading

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Today is both Muffin Day and Cherry Pie Day. Richard loves anything to do with cherries, but I most decidedly do not, and we really didn’t need me to make an entire pie for just one person, considering all the … Continue reading

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