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Color splash

Flush from the success of last year’s Year of Cheese for the #BakingSisters projects (which…I realize I have been sadly lax about blogging, but hey, why should that be any different from anything else I keep forgetting to blog about), … Continue reading

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We put up the tree today. In years past, it’s been quite the production, with us having to remove cats from the box and from the tree as it’s being assembled. But Rupert is now ten years old, and more … Continue reading

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Channeling my inner Katy Perry

This morning I eyed the remains of the first batch of Black Friday Bread I had made. It was starting to get a little stale, plus there are two more loaves waiting to be eaten, so I needed to use … Continue reading

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Cat tales

A little math problem for you: You have a room that contains eight VERY busy foster kittens. You open the door. Two kittens run out. You put one kitten back. Two more kittens run out. You put three back. Three … Continue reading

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Last night we looked in the fridge and pondered what remained of the Thanksgiving leftovers. Mostly, with the exception of one lone turkey leg, it was veggies – garlic thyme sweet potatoes, garlic butter green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, and … Continue reading

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But wait, there’s more!

So how’s that Cheese Advent calendar going? Why, thank you for asking! It’s great so far! Yesterday’s cheese was a lovely Applewood with a smokey undertone. and today’s is a Red Leicester, with a nice sharp flavor. I know there’s … Continue reading

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This is why I need coffee

2 AM Cat: Hey. I want under the covers. Me: Tries to ignore cat, knowing full well that this never works, but holding out hope anyway. Cat: Hey. Hey! Covers! Lift the covers! Me: You manage to get under the … Continue reading

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Daily cheese

Yesterday morning my friend texted. Could she swing by on the way home? She had something that needed to be stashed in my fridge. Sure, I replied, a little confused. It wasn’t until an hour or so later that it … Continue reading

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Tonight, for my very last lemon-thing-a-day, I made a lemon upside down cake. I had bookmarked several cake possibilities (which I will definitely have to try at some point in the future), but this one won out primarily due to … Continue reading

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Last night I made ice cream. Or rather, I *tried* to make ice cream. The ice cream maker base was thoroughly frozen, and all my ingredients (cream, milk, sugar, juice of six lemons) were thoroughly chilled, but it just churned … Continue reading

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