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Smokey salty sour sweet

Today is the Day of the Crepe in France, according to Google (and Google would never lie to me), so naturally there had to be crepes. Here is where I freely admit that in the past I have said that … Continue reading

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A month of yellow

I know I have mentioned in the past that we have a very prolific Meyer lemon tree. For example, the other day, I harvested this mound of lemons, which looks like a lot (that’s about 5 dozen) until you realize … Continue reading

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The bargain we make

It was almost twenty years ago, in the fall of 1999. I was no longer officially fostering with the Yolo County SPCA, although I had been known to take in a kitten here and there when one crossed my path … Continue reading

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When life gives you…Part 3

I swear this isn’t going to turn into an all-baking-all-the-time blog, although apparently you wouldn’t guess it from this month’s entries. Ah well. Here is our next installment! When there are still far too many tangelos in the fridge (from … Continue reading

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When life gives you…Part 2

Oh look, it’s that time of year again when the lemon shrub has gone completely insane with fruit and I am desperately trying to come up with ways to use them up. This year, because I need to make lots … Continue reading

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When life gives you…part 1

When there are a lot of tangelos on the tangelo tree that all come ripe at once, and you also need to make something for a gathering, you should make tarts. First you make some tiny little tart shells, using … Continue reading

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We put up the tree today. There are currently two extremely energetic foster kittens rampaging around the house, plus the usual tree-climbing suspects. I am sure this will all work out *just* fine. Mmm hmm. Tis the season for Holidailies.

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A thing that I may or may not have mentioned here about Richard and I is that we take great delight in watching really bad made-for-TV movies. In the past, it’s primarily been the made-for-SyFy movies that we would watch … Continue reading

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Hooray, it’s December 1st, which means it’s time once again for me to make an effort to post daily for an entire month, for Holidailies. How convenient I have a whole bunch of stuff stored up to talk about because … Continue reading

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Light as air

Oh that’s right, I have this here blog I keep forgetting to update. There’s been a lot going on the last several months, and I will get to it all eventually – likely as blog fodder for the annual December … Continue reading

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