Taking notes

Have you ever had a day so mentally exhausting that you can do nothing but come home and stare blankly at the TV? Well, that would be the past two days.

Since the pandemic the group in which I sing has done a professional recording of our concert the weekend prior to the actual live performances. This not only counts as our main dress rehearsal; it also makes it accessible to folks who don’t live in the Sacramento area.

This year, we’re performing at three different venues (all churches), and one of them was willing to give us a discount if we also came and sang music for their service. So yesterday’s very long day kicked off at 10am. We sang, then went and grabbed lunch, and then came back to do the recording…which we finished at shortly before 8 pm. By that point we were all completely exhausted, but at least it was finished.

Today I felt like I was moving through a fog most of the day, and at rehearsal this evening it was clear I wasn’t the only one. Thankfully tonight’s rehearsal was more about blocking (although we still did a full run through of all the pieces). Usually I come home from rehearsal exhausted, but mentally wired, but not tonight. I love the music we’re doing, but oof, all I can think about right now is getting some sleep.

‘Tis the season for Holidailies.

  • December’s a challenging month for singers! I had a low-grade cold so long (almost 2 months) that I ended up dropping out of my choir’s concert. It’s been nice to be a little less busy right now, but I do miss it. But then, we’re nowhere near as busy as your choir. Best to you and your fellow singers!

  • Oh, I just came from hearing a story about a friend’s husband in a choir who was getting super cheesed off because the choir director kept throwing in new songs at the last minute. Without sheet music. Or enough lyrics for all. Including on the day of the show. She said he walked out and quit three times, but he was the only bass so I guess they kept luring him back :P

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