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I suppose I could have just pulled out one of the self-patterning yarns in my stash and done a stockinette sock, or else dragged out one of the other sock works-in-progress, but instead, flush on the heels of zipping through … Continue reading

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The fourth pattern for Tour de Sock was released Monday night. We all knew it would take 2 colors, so there was wild speculation as to what sort of pattern it might be. I was holding out for stripes, stranded, … Continue reading

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Because I finished the last pair of socks so quickly (and after I let my hands recover from that) I realized I had lots of time to do at least one more pair before the next pattern was posted. I … Continue reading

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One time shot

Pattern 3 of Tour de Sock is Indecisions, because the designer included a number of places where you could make a choice as you knit along. Either a ribbed cuff, or a folded picot cuff. Either a fancy heel or … Continue reading

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Two little wins

Two recent ways in which I am winning at this whole ‘adulting thing’: 1) Yesterday I *really* wanted some sort of baked good, except I didn’t want to actually have to *bake* it (because sometimes I am just not in … Continue reading

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The only thing not fun was the weaving in of ends

Unlike the first pattern for Tour de Sock, I loved every single thing about the second one – Kanteletar. Colorwork! A new-to-me heel idea that takes the whole ‘your ankle is bigger than you think’ concept into account! Latvian braids! … Continue reading

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Should have done these during Shark Week

So….Tour de Sock. The first pattern was released July 15th and is Fins. It’s got a lace motif, is knit toe up, and has an interesting method of dealing with the heel – you actually close off the foot completely … Continue reading

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Kicking things off

A month or two ago a knitting friend sent an email, wondering if a couple of us wanted to sign up for Tour de Sock. I checked it out – six waves, knitting socks, potentially challenging patterns – and said … Continue reading

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Ah, California. Last weekend we had thunderstorms. This weekend we are right in the middle of a nasty heat wave. And when it’s this hot out, the last thing I want to do is to cook. So here is a … Continue reading

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End of the flurry

Hooray, the last day of Thingadailies 2017, which means the last snowflake (for the year). Naturally it is chock full of picots and long skinny points and all the things I like the least. There are, by the way, 99 … Continue reading

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