And then there were three

This past weekend we put up the Christmas tree. It is a very quick process, these years. We drag the extremely heavy box down from the attic, and we open it up and then we remove a cat, and we pull out each section of tree and we remove a cat, and then we set them all up and we remove a cat, and we hook all the cords together (and remove a cat) and then plug it in. And then poof, we’re all done. Because even though last year I did go buy some completely nonbreakable ornaments, we have come to the conclusion that it really is not worth even bothering with decorating.

That would be because of two reasons: Rupert and Ingrid

Rupert, the tabby terror

Ingrid the poofy

This year, we added Nutmeg to our little family. Nutmeg loves following Rupert around, and anything Rupert does, she is sure she needs to do too. So she came over and sniffed the tree, and we waited. And watched. And sure enough, after a day or two to ponder it, our tree gained its third (and final) ornament for the year.

Some people have all sorts of fancy ornaments and tinsel and garland.

Us? We just decorate our tree with cats.

‘Tis the season for Holidalies!

  • Our little siamese kitten did the same thing when we first put up the tree. It was so funny seeing him relaxing on the branches. Sadily, he was killed on Thanksgiving though, so no more kitties in our tree.

  • From your pictures, cats apparently make rather good ornaments. I doubt that would work on our puny little tree… and our dog, despite being relatively small, would make a terrible ornament.

    Thanks for a neat post (wandered over from Holidailies).

  • Oh my! LOL so funny, although I would probably kill mine if they climbed the tree! lol Great pics tho, gotta love those silly critters.