Flip side

Things that remind me why life is good:

  • The woman who slowed her car down beside me as I was wheezingly running down the sidewalk this morning (and wondering, yet again, why on earth I signed up for that stupid 5K in the first place), and called out the window to me “You can do it! You are awesome! Never give up!”
  • French bread pizzas for lunch, made with sauce from home-canned tomatoes we grew in our garden, on bread I made myself
  • The cats, who never let a day pass without making me laugh at least once
  • My husband, who is the most awesome husband in the world (and I am not biased at all)
  • My family, because when we get together over the holidays, we do this, and even having some of us in a different state will not stop us from continuing the tradition (that is, after all, what Google Hangout is for).

‘Tis the season for Holidailies.

  • Yeah, remind me again why we signed up for that 5k? I thought the same thing this morning as I shuffled down the sidewalk wishing for some kind of space/time continuum to whisk me to the end of the 3.1 miles.

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