The good thing about working in a large office is if one has a late night yen to make fudge, one can then cut it all up and take it in to work and foist it on one’s coworkers. Which is exactly what I did this morning – or rather, what both Richard and I did. When I left the office this evening, there were 3 tiny pieces left from an entire container full, so apparently it was a hit. But then it is hard to go wrong with fudge.

– – – – –

On the way home this evening, we got stuck twice, first behind a giant herd of bicyclists all decked out in holiday hats and draped with lights, weaving around and consequently taking up more than half the road (not a smart idea when it’s dark out and the cars coming from the opposite decoration are not expecting to see cyclists crossing the lane lines into oncoming traffic and generally acting stupid), and second behind what appeared to be a giant limo type van crawling along at something like 10 miles per hour. It threw us for a moment, and then we realized. Ah yes, it’s Christmas light viewing time.

And I get it. People want to go out and see the lights. But please, when you are toodling along, oohing and aahing at the decor, be mindful of the fact that the people behind you maybe are not just out to cruise the neighborhood. Maybe they are just trying to get home because they have had a really long day and they are exhausted and wish you would take your stupid limo van and pull it off to the side of the road and just them pass.

‘Tis the season for Holidailies.

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