Dishcloth-a-Day: Day Two

Sitting in the food court at the airport in Atlanta last week, waiting to fly home, I saw a woman sitting at a table near me. She looked to be around my age, if not a bit older, and around my size. The similarities ended there, however. She was dressed smartly, in a fashionable shirt and pants set, and as she stood to go, she pulled on a chic black trench – the type I always dream wistfully of wearing but realize would just turn me into a large black blob. Her hair was ever so slightly wavy and looked as if she knew what she was doing when she looked into the mirror, instead of just running her hands through it, squinting, shrugging, and then walking away. I looked at her and thought, maybe someday, I could aspire to be that type of woman – the type of cool, collected, smartly dressed person that someone else will look at and say ‘someday I want to be *her*.”

And then I dropped pizza on my pants and realized that seriously, that just is never going to happen.


Day Two’s dishcloth is the Reversible Textured Dishcloth. Aside from 4 rows of garter stitch at top and bottom, the entire pattern consists of exactly one row. The result is a thicker, squishier cloth than some of the other patterns I’ve made. This one I might actually use to scrub something (although probably not dishes, because that’s what scrubby sponges are for).


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