E is for Elections

I woke up this morning filled with a tiny amount of glee. No, it wasn’t because it was actually raining outside, and as California is smack in the middle of a rather nasty drought, any amount of water falling from the sky is cause for celebration. And no, it wasn’t because the sickly elderly cat only woke me up for food once last night instead of twice, so I actually got more than 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep for a change.

No, today I woke up full of happy because today is April 7th and thus it is the LAST DAY OF ROBOCALLS thank the great FSM may you all be touched by his noodly appendage etc., etc.

We’ve been in the middle of a special election in our neighborhood because the previous city council member decided in the middle of his term to become a state assemblyman instead, leaving an opening. There’ve been people canvassing the neighborhood, fliers showing up on our porch and hanging from our door and tucked into the mailbox, and of course, the bane of every single election season, the relentless robocalls urging us to vote for .

Seriously, if they ever allow people to opt out of election-related calls (a Do Not Call list for the political spectrum) I bet people would be tripping all over each other to sign up. Has anyone ever changed their mind on who they are voting for based on a robocall? Anyone? Ever? In the history of robocalls?

Yeah, no.

There are two people running to fill the spot left vacant on the city council, and we have no opinions one way or the other. They both seem like nice people and they both list all the relevant talking points on their respective campaign paraphernalia, and unlike with most elections, I don’t get the sense of having to hold my nose and just vote for the lesser of two evils. As a result, neither Richard or I could give a rat’s patooty which one of them actually wins.

I admit, because we really do not care which of them takes the seat, it was tempting to just sit this election out. But in order to preserve our permanent absentee voter status, we have to keep on voting in every election. So we decided, as there are two of us, we’d each vote for one of them, thus managing to both fulfill our patriotic duty of filling in a bubble on a ballot, as well as effectively cancelling out both our votes. Ha, take *that*, adulthood!

And meanwhile we’ve finally reached the end of having to screen our calls, and sort the mail directly into the recycling bin (spam, spam, election spam, more election spam, for crying out loud people save the trees, spam, more spam, oh, a bill, spam). Okay, maybe the mail sorting isn’t going to change; it’s just that the ‘spam’ part of it won’t include the election fluff.

Well, at least until the next election ramps up. And considering how things go in this country, that should be …. any day now.


The letter E is brought to you by the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  • Oy! You have my deepest sympathies. Colorado is one of those proverbial “swing states” and the past few election cycles have been almost unbearable. Somehow, I’m not thinking it’s gonna improve any for the next one!

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