O is for Optometry

When a woman (or a man) reaches a certain age in their life, they might discover that they start to have trouble seeing things. Reading tiny print can be done only in really, really good light, and with no small amount of squinting. Upcoming street signs aren’t quite as sharp as they once used to be. The ability to increase the zoom on web pages suddenly becomes a life saver. And eventually, you figure out that maybe, just maybe, it’s time to go see the eye doctor.

I’ve been near-sighted all my life – well, except for that lovely period of time after the Lazik when I didn’t need any corrective lenses at all. But lately things have been harder and harder to see, and when it occurred to me that I actually couldn’t remember when the last time was I had an eye exam, I finally decided to suck it up and go.

The optometrist put me through a whole battery of tests and hmmed and nodded and wrote down lots of notes. And the verdict is exactly what I was expecting. My prescription has gotten worse since the last time I had my eyes checked, and all that eye strain I’ve been dealing with is the result of my eyes trying desperately to compensate. Oh, and also, ladies and gentlemen, I have now reached the…um….level of maturity (the assistant and I decided that was a niftier way of saying ‘being middle aged sometimes sucks) in my life when I get to get bifocals. Huzzah.

Interestingly, he did point out something I didn’t know before – something he was surprised no one had ever diagnosed. It turns out that my eyes tend to correct too far inward, especially when I’m tired, or trying to compensate for not being able to see as clearly as I need to. I have noticed that when I’ve spent too long on the computer or other close-up work, my sight tends to blur a bit and sometimes I start seeing, well, not quite double, but double-edges on things. Turns out it’s because I’m going just a little bit cross-eyed when that happens.

So not only will I be getting bifocals, I’ll also be getting prisms, which will work to ‘fool’ my eyes into thinking that things are in a slightly different spot than they are, so they look straight ahead instead of turning too far in the wrong direction.

I’ll get my new glasses in a week or so, and I admit I’m really looking forward to them. I have a feeling there is going to be a bit of an adjustment period, but it is going to be awfully nice to go back to seeing clearly once again.

The letter O is brought to you by the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

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