All of us the same

There are a lot of random things I could talk about today, but instead I think I’ll just point you to today’s nifty thing. A lot of you are probably already familiar with Humans of New York, but if you’re not, I highly recommend following him on Facebook. He originally started out just taking pictures of people in New York and posting them with little snippets they were willing to share about their life, but in the past year or so he’s traveled around the world, photographing and interviewing people in numerous countries. His current series is based on interviews he did with a number of Syrian refugee families who have just been granted entry into the US.

I read his posts, and also often read the comments, because for the most part, they are surprisingly positive (a rarity on the internet, to be sure), and it reminds me that, despite all the ugliness and racism and hatred being embraced so fervently by some segments of the population in the US, that the vast majority of us are still good and kind and decent people who are trying to find some way to help. And I hope that when those refugees come over, and try to figure out how to settle into their new lives, so far away from the homes that were torn from them, that this is the view of America that they see. Not the ugly, vile hatred and bigotry that is being spewed from the mouths of certain politicians and the sad, bitter people who support them, but the open hearts of people who refuse to let the actions of a small radicalized minority of a persecuted people keep them from helping the larger majority of those who are in desperate need.

‘Tis the season for Holidailies.

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