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The beauty of having a two story house is that when things are a wee bit hectic, one can usually get away with only cleaning the public half. However, since it’s our turn (in my family it rotates locations every year) to host Christmas this year, the usual ‘clean the top floor, ignore the bottom floor’ plan doesn’t work. Also, considering that November = Nanowrimo for both Richard and I, and then December = performances for me, and Holidailies, and we’ve both been super busy at work, and also I have a test knit I’m trying to squeeze into the middle of all of that, and also toss in six hairball horking, shedding cats, the condition of the house (both upstairs and down) has started to reach what might politely be called ‘my god, what *is* that?’.

So tomorrow afternoon, we’ve scheduled the big guns to come in (cleaning service) to try to bring things back to normal, which means the last few days have been spent (in between the usual chores and me dashing off to performances and other social obligations) scurrying around trying to clear off every surface and finally actually put away the piles of ‘I dunno what to do with this so I’ll just leave it here’ things that tend to build up around this time of year, and check for stealth hairballs so no one else has to deal with it, and ugh, I know people are still yammering for stupid hoverboards, but seriously, why hasn’t technology come up with a self-cleaning house yet?

Anyway. Before I get back to gathering up all my random yarn and knitting paraphernalia and stuffing everything into closets, here is today’s bit of fun. Did you know there is a Christmas Carol Hotline, where if you call them, they will sing you any Christmas carol you want? Well neither did I! Possibly I am now trying to come up with the most obscure holiday song to request. Possibly. Hmm.

‘Tis the season for Holidailies.

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