So part of the fun of being in a musical group is that sometimes the group is asked to perform for other organizations’ events. This month, we’ve got two of those – both of which will be taking place tomorrow.

One of the performances we’ll be doing is indoors, so it’ll be our usual attire. The other, however, starts with us singing for an hour or two outside, which means, considering it’s been rather chilly out lately, that we’ll all be bundled up in heavy jackets and gloves and scarves and hats.

I have a heavy jacket. I have shawls and scarves galore. I also happen to have a pair of fingerless gloves that I made years ago, and which live in my purse for the days when the office temperature is set to icebox. What I did not have, at least prior to today, however, is a hat.

Let’s just say there’s a reason I do not make myself hats. Some people look good in hats. I am not one of them. Not remotely at all. But it’s going to be cold, so vanity has been displaced by practicality. Thus, yesterday I went browsing through Ravelry and found a nice pattern, and then I rummaged through my stash and found a skein of yarn in a nice rich red, and then I whipped up this little number.


As I suspected, I look, with the hat on, a bit like one of the burglars from Home Alone, if one of the burglars happened to have a thing for red and lace. Ah well. At least it’ll be warm.


Today’s fun thing is this Advent Calendar by Compound Interest. If you are not already following them on Facebook, you really should. They post all kinds of interesting information breaking down the chemical components of ordinary things (pro tip, *everything* is made up of chemicals, no matter how ‘natural’ it is, because SCIENCE!).

‘Tis the season for Holidailies.

  • Nice hat! The best part about this is that you decided _yesterday_ “I should make myself a hat” and then, bang, you’re done. If it were me, it would have been a three month project that ended in an emergency trip to Target to by a freaking hat.

  • Theresa, it takes a lot of practice to “whip up” a hat before you do that. It would have taken me a couple of days, myself.

    I hear ya–I don’t look good in those hats without brims, so I don’t make them. The last one I “whipped up” (in a few days) was a sunhat with a turkey on it that I was going to wear when dragged to a Turkey Trot. Happily, we ended up missing it though…the hat is a bit questionable, I’ll admit.

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