The sidewalks in front of the federal buildings in the section of DC I was in are made of square tiles, probably about a foot across. I am sure they were perfectly fine when they were first put down, but as is always the case with things laid on the ground, the tiles have started to come up a bit, here and there.

Over the past few days, I’ve watched other people catch their toes on the edges of some of the worst of the tiles, and stumble.

As I am a naturally clumsy person, it was only a matter of time before the tiles took me out. Today was that day. Except I didn’t just stumble, unfortunately. I pitched completely forward, landing hard on my hands and one knee. No one who knows me in real life is remotely surprised by this, I am sure.

So today’s been a bit of an interesting day. My shoulders ache from the force of catching myself before doing the full face-plant, and my knee has been throbbing pretty much non-stop. I suspect in a day or so I’m going to have some lovely bruises blooming on that one knee. But hey, at least this time I will know what caused them, unlike most of the times when I notice a bump or a scratch and can’t figure out what happened, which is normally the case.

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