I drove down to UC Merced today, to do part 1 of a facilities walk-through (work-related). It’s been a month or two since I’ve been down there, but while it’s a fairly boring drive down I-99, there are some bright spots along the way – the billboard that advertises headstones; the billboard for a company selling bar furniture that says “Come see our stool samples”; the farm with with the camels.

The walk-through was interesting, and brought back lots of my own college memories. I went to UC Davis (UC Merced wasn’t even a gleam in an architect’s eye when I was in college), but my major was in science and, especially in grad school, I spent a lot of time in labs. There’s new technology, and some of the equipment is clearly sleeker and more advanced than what I remember using, but all and all, it’s still the same.

I usually start a CD once I head down but this time I didn’t really feel like listening to music so instead I just sort of pondered the scenery and hummed along to my current earworm. not sure *why* this one has been stuck in my head lately, but it has been, and the thing one is required to do with earworms is to pass them along.

So here. I give you ‘Better Version of You’ by Paul and Storm. As a middle child, this one amuses me for many, many reasons.

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