The little ‘maintenance required’ light popped up on my car’s dashboard on Wednesday, too late to do anything about it before I had the long drive down to Merced and back, but I knew I couldn’t put it off very long, as there are more long drives in my future. So this morning we dropped my car off at the mechanic’s and then headed home and spent an hour or two giving the upper half of the house a much-needed cleaning. We ran half a dozen loads of laundry – all the bedding and towels in the house – and Richard beat back the rather alarming number of dust bunnies while I tackled the bathroom and the kitchen. And then we ate leftover cookies for lunch and poked around on our computers and waited for the car to be done.

The mechanic called to let me know the car needed a new air filter and new windshield wipers – both of which I either already knew, or assumed would be the case, but added in that it also needed new front brakes. And I realized huh, I cannot recall the last time I had to replace those. But I am closing in on 150,000 miles on the odometer so new brakes makes sense (it’s a 12-year-old car). And I am glad to have had them replaced, before they became an issue. Especially considering those aforementioned long drives we’ll be doing this summer.

After this afternoon, I can add another to that list. My sisters and I have made our final plans for this year’s annual Sisters Only Weekend, and this year we’ll be off to Ashland, Oregon, for the Shakespeare Festival, and it makes far more sense for at least my older sister and I to drive there instead of fly. We’re all looking forward to it.

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