Easily amused

A large box arrived from Amazon today. This was, of course, cause for great excitement among the cats because box (!) but even better, the stuff inside was covered with a giant length of wadded up packing paper.

Because I am a well-trained human, I immediately flattened the paper out and laid it down on the floor (it stretches a good four to five feet in length), and then we sat back and waited for the inevitable.

All cats like packing paper, of course, but none of them like packing paper like Sherman loves packing paper. And I mean he LOVES packing paper – or rather, he loves lurking *under* packing paper. And then he tries to ‘sneak’ around, and the paper moves along with him. So all evening we have been giggling madly, watching this giant length of brown paper drifting slowly around the house, propelled by nothing more than magic and the suspiciously Sherman-shaped lump underneath.


Technically, the things in the middle of this snowflake are shells (via the aptly named ‘shell stitch’). You can choose to believe that, or you can instead see that the combination of shells plus the trio of pointy bits atop each shell makes them look like monsters roaring.

I’m making you look at snowflakes in a whole new way this month, aren’t I!

Making a snowflake a day for Thingadailies.

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