Water falling down

It is soggy in this part of California lately.

Very, very soggy.

I keep reminding myself that once upon a time, this kind of heavy rain was the norm during the winter – before the big long ugly drought hit and the whole state was focused on finding ways to cut back on water usage. Now that things seem to get getting back to ‘normal’ (albeit rather suddenly), there’s a sense of relief as the reservoirs are all filling up and the snow pack is growing, but in the meantime, it has begun to feel a bit as if we really ought to be investing in small boats, in preparation for the impending flood.


Today’s snowflake is #36 in the book.

Why yes, there are a lot of similarities between this snowflake and yesterday’s snowflake. The difference, however, is that the longer points are *joined* in this one and they weren’t in yesterdays. Also the center is bigger and the points look more like hands reaching out to grab you.

Or you could just pretend they look like frogs legs instead. Your preference.

Making a snowflake a day for Thingadailies.

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