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I like knitting shawls. I especially like knitting lace shawls.

Of course, I never actually *wear* shawls. Or scarves. Or lace of any kind, for that matter. In yet another way in which I fail at being a girl, I never learned the art of accessorizing – I can barely manage to remember to put earrings on, let alone add in any other sort of jewelry, and the thought of somehow having to also figure out additional items of clothing beyond the basics of pants+top+socks & shoes just escapes me completely.

But now I have short hair. *Very* short hair. Which means, now that it is cold and soggy outside, that my neck is often cold. And I have all these knit things, sitting patiently in little folded piles on a shelf. So I have decided I ought to try actually using them.

I realize, as I toss them casually around my shoulders, that I am about as far from fashionable as it is possible to be, and, based on my height and overall shape, that I look far more like a festively decorated fire hydrant. But at least my neck is warm. And the things I make are getting to see the light of day. And I am going to keep this up at least through the next few months in the hopes that maybe, somehow, simply the act of wearing them makes me look like I have half a clue what I am doing.

Here’s the latest thing I made for the warming of my neck: Thunderstorm.


I made this as a test knit for the designer. My colors are actually reversed from the pattern, which wasn’t intentional, but which turned out just fine anyway. Bonus – it’s all made with sock yarn, so it goes nicely into the washer and dryer, and it’s soft and snuggly around my shoulders and by golly, I am going to be the best dressed damn fire hydrant you ever did see this year. Or if nothing else, at least the warmest.

‘Tis the season for Holidailies.

  • Pretty shawl! I’m not an accessory person either. I just had surgery on my neck and bought some scarves to hide the scar, and I look completely ridiculous in them. I’d rather just show the naked incision!

  • I’m not a shawl person…I am a ‘fire hydrant’ person (is that an official type now? It totally should be) who wears a lot of hats. But people keep giving me knitted things and it seems rude not to use them. I bring them to movie theaters a lot. Studio Movie Grill is always chilly. Happy Holidailies.

  • It’s gorgeous! And the pircutes of you are lovely I know what you mean about the wearing thing; there are some things that I adored knitting and love looking at but which I don’t ever really wear. It’s nice when true love and wearability come together

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