Dishcloth-a-Day: Day Twelve

I took the train down to San Francisco today, for work. It takes longer than driving, but one cannot knit while driving, and there is far less stress when one is not trapped in rush hour traffic, so that nearly always makes the extra trip time worth it.
Found a bakery on the same block as my meeting’s location (Anderson Bread, for those of you in the area), and picked up a kouign amann. I am highly amused by the fact that these things have been popping up all over the place since last year’s Great British Bake Off aired. They are still on the list of items from the show that I need to try making at least once. Thanks to the GBBO, I also know how to pronounce it correctly (it sounds like ‘queen amahn’, even though the spelling of the first word would likely not lead you anywhere remotely to that conclusion).

Today’s dishcloth – Ridge Stitch – was picked for ease of knitting while riding on a train. It’s a 4 row pattern so was super quick to memorize. I am…not sure if I would ever make it again, although that could be due to the fact that it’s got a garter stitch border and I much prefer the dishcloths without that extra edging.


Pictured atop Sherman primarily because I felt like it (and because he didn’t really care one way or the other).

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