Crazy, busy, long day, and more coming. Azzie’s limping and we don’t know why and I have zero time to take him to the vet (thankfully Richard’s schedule is slightly more flexible so he’s going to try to get him in). Home from rehearsal and wired, and still had a bunch of work stuff to do and now it’s nearly midnight (same reason as for the crazy long conference call this weekend), so…here. Pictures from a week or so ago when we put up the tree. Because I know some of you long term readers have come to expect them.

Part 1 – pull tree box from closet. Sometimes it’s heavier than others. Can’t figure out why though.
2015-12 Xmastree1

Part 2 – Open box and remove tree pieces. Sometimes there are extra pieces in the box.

2015-12 Xmastree2

Part 3 – Assemble tree. Sometimes there are obstacles in the way when attempting to do so.

2015-12 Xmastree3

Part 4 – Stand back, and wait a couple seconds. Ah…..there we go.

Part 5 – Decorate tree with whatever happens to be lying about.

2015-12 Xmastree4

Part 6 – Decide tree needs more than one ornament. Add a couple more.

2015-12 Xmastree5

Part 7 – Sit back, relax, enjoy the festive atmosphere now created.


Oh yeah. I’m supposed to be sharing a daily fun thing. Whose stupid idea was that again? Uh…okay, how about this Santa’s Village thing from Google. There. Done.

‘Tis the season for Holidailies.

  • My tree has been up, lit, and ornament-less for a week because I’m too busy to decorate it.

    Yes, I have a NAKED Christmas tree.

    Too bad my dogs don’t have opposable thumbs; I’d put them to work.

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