Last concert of the season tonight. At rehearsal on Monday we spent most of it wandering around in the huge space (tonight’s was in a cathedral), singing here and there, checking to see which area would have the best acoustics for which song. Tonight it was obvious we’d picked all the best spots for each of the pieces. There was a good crowd for our last performance, in spite of the cold and the rain.

It’s been a crazy kind of week, with work and rehearsal and parties and performances, and it was nice to end it on a high note (pun intended, hah), but oh, I am so glad now that it is over. Still so much to do before the family descends on our house for Christmas, but I’ve got an entire weekend to devote to nothing but getting ready. Huzzah.


Yesterday was Beethoven’s birthday, and in case you didn’t happen to see it, Google did an awesome Doodle for it. Those of us who read music probably can do the puzzle a wee bit faster than those of you who can’t, but that’s okay – no one is judging.

‘Tis the season for Holidailies.

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