Where the wild things are

Yesterday I ‘gave’ you Holidailies (oh, hush, just let me go with it), and this morning I was poking around on Facebook (as one does when one is pinned to one’s chair under cats) and I found some nifty things, and so I have decided that in honor of Holidailies I will attempt to find one neat thing from the internets to share with you each day. Because that is the kind of giving person I am, and it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the fact that maybe I couldn’t actually come up with anything else to talk about for today’s entry.

All that is to say that today, for your moment of zen, you should go check out one or more of these live cams. Want to watch polar bears? They’ve got you covered (in fact they’ve got all *kinds* of bears covered, including the panda variety). How about jellyfish? Yep, that too. There’s kittens and puppies, of course, but also there’s sharks and dolphins and penguins, and if you’re in to bees, hey they’ve got you covered too, and zomg, there is a leafy sea dragon cam, and now my life, it is complete.

For the moment.

Okay, possibly only until I run out of coffee, but work with me here.

‘Tis the season for Holidailies.

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