We don’t really do Valentine’s Day, primarily because neither of us can be bothered, so today has really been a mostly ordinary day. I do admit, though, that we were both highly amused by this headline that was trending on Facebook today. It seems somehow peculiarly appropriate for a day that is supposed to be all about hearts and candy and love.


Poor little octopus. Denied her true passion.


I was doing really well on the whole 10,000 steps a day challenge until it got to yesterday, when due to a combination of ‘my sinuses want to kill me’ and sheer laziness, I didn’t even crack 5000. So today I walked the long way to the bagel store in the morning, and I parked extra-far away from the yarn shop when I went to the lacy knitting guild meeting (where I knit lace and did *not* crochet snowflakes, because I have learned my lesson, oh yes), and we parked in the back lot when we went out to dinner, and then I ended up walking in place throughout most of the old episode of Face Off we watched last night (It’s our current favorite ‘doesn’t require much thought so we can watch it while doing other stuff’ show, especially since there’s a whole bunch of seasons to work through). And with all of that I finally cracked 10K again, so now I am back on track. Yay.


Technically I made lots of things today, including 7 new header images for the random images that top this blog. And yes, because some of you may wonder, every single header image is a picture I took of one of our cats (some of whom are no longer with us, alas). But I know you’re all here for the snowflakes, so here is today’s.

I suppose I could have flipped through the book to find one with hearts or something that is otherwise Valentine’s Day-ish, but I am doing these in order primarily because there are 99 of them and if I mix them up I will forget which is which and then where will we be? So here is Snowflake #14, which is completely free of hearts or anything else that looks like love. I don’t like the awkward jog where the ends meet, but otherwise it’s passable.


Making a snowflake a day for Thingadailies.

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