Absent mind

In order to get in to the office where I work now, I need a special key fob. This also means every time I leave the office, I need to remember to bring it with me. Instead of carrying around a big fat key ring with me everywhere (and running the risk of then leaving it behind), I have one of those little pull-things on my key ring where I can just quickly detach the fob, toss it into my pocket, and then every night when I get home, I put the fob back onto the key ring.

This morning I ended up walking from the parking garage to the office while chatting with a coworker about the new Superman vs Batman movie. We got into the elevator, I got off on my floor, and started rummaging around in my purse and…my key fob wasn’t there.

I started to panic. Had I forgotten to reattach it the night before? I tried to remember but it’s just one of those things I do now without thinking about it so I couldn’t recall if what I was remembering was from last night, or the night before. I got back into the elevator to go up to the floor where the reception desk is, realizing that I needed to get a temporary fob for the day, and as the doors closed, I absentmindedly patted my left pocket…where there was a familiar lump. Clearly at some point in the walk from parking garage to office, I had done my usual ‘take the key fob off and put it in my pocket’ and then promptly forgotten all about it.

Middle-aged brain. This is what it does for fun.


Completely unrelated, I’m starting to see folks coming over from the A to Z challenge, so yes, I’m doing it again this year. As before, my theme will be ‘whatever I feel like writing for the day’, and also ‘the letters in whatever order I feel like because it’s my blog and I can do what I want’.

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