Richard was off visiting family today but I stayed home because I looked at the calendar and started to panic at everything I still have to get done over the next couple weeks and this weekend is pretty much it in terms of free time for the foreseeable future.

So I spent most of the day either camped out on the couch, furiously knitting lace things, or else at the computer, busily formatting and editing lace-related things for an upcoming deadline.

Also I made eclair shells because I talked my little sister into doing King Arthur’s February bake-along with me (it took so much arm twisting to convince her. SO MUCH (cough cough not).

Note: eclairs (and cream puffs) may *look* complicated and impossible but seriously, choux pastry is super easy to make and work with, and even if you end up with collapsed shells, they still will *taste* perfectly yummy. I am, however, quite happy these didn’t collapse (although we shall not discuss the rather glaring lack of uniformity in shape and size. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would be so disappointed).


Today’s snowflake is very lacy and delicate and also thankfully free of any sort of out-stretched hands. Also I didn’t even notice the grey fuzz in the picture until just now, but I’m sure I have NO idea where *that* came from, Rupert.

(completely unrelated, Ruperts are not as helpful at pinning out snowflakes to block as they think they are)

Making a snowflake a day for Thingadailies.

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