Today I had to go to a giant plumbing showroom to meet with a guy to review and then place the order for all the appliances and what-not for the upcoming bathroom remodel, and while I was there I needed to use the necessary and….

…the toilets in their restrooms have heated seats.

I can see how that would be a delightful thing on cold winter mornings when one really doesn’t want to place one’s delicate buttocks on ice cold porcelain, but I admit my mind went immediately (as it often does any time I ponder appliances/furniture/what-not for the house) to how this would work in a house full of cats.

Alas, the high potential for amusement as the cats vie for positions on the toasty-warm seats, and accidentally fall in is simply not enough to justify the price. So instead our cats will just have to suffer with only two big heating pads and the heated bed and a houseful of furniture and blankets to keep them warm.


So these snowflakes. The book I’m working from arranged them (mostly) in order of difficulty and size, which means the ones I did last year were all the really easy ones (HA HA HA) and now I am making my way through the intermediate ones and I think it is important to point out that my crochet skills have not improved all that much since last year, and would it *kill* the book publishers to have done charts instead of a solid giant block of written directions that result in my losing my place multiple times and having to do a lot of ripping out and swearing, grr.


Here is snowflake #32.

It is 4 1/2 inches across, which is *much* bigger than the ones last year (I think maybe the largest from last year was about 2 inches in diameter, and I’m using #30 crochet cotton thread and a size 1.9 mm crochet hook – same as last year). There was a lot of under-the-breath swearing involved in this one.

A lot.

Making a snowflake a day for Thingadailies.

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