Looking back; looking forward

Three years ago I got new glasses, because part of the joy of getting older is your eyesight slowly begins to deteriorate. These particular glasses took me an awfully long time to adjust to, since I got bifocals, and a specific type that slowly transition instead of having a definite, visible line, but I stuck it out until they weren’t so much of an annoyance. I wasn’t really crazy about them, but I figured it was just something I’d have to deal with as part of the whole process of getting older.

But lately I noticed I was having a harder and harder time reading small print, and I was taking the glasses off to do close-up work. I’m really not sure how long I’ve been doing that, to be honest, but eventually it got to the point where I realized I really needed to go in and get my eyes re-checked.

Turns out that, first of all, my eyes have shifted just enough to make my previous prescription no longer relevant. Also turns out that the specific type of lenses I had were problematic for other people too.

I picked up my new glasses today. It is amazing what a difference they make. Unlike the previous ones, it didn’t take me any time at all to get used to them. I’m not taking them off all the time when I’m trying to read or do any close-up work, and I’m not struggling to read things far away.

Perhaps this will help me be more vigilant about getting more regular eye exams. Hmm. Yeah, I wouldn’t hold my breath either.

Three years ago is also when we took in Ruby and her six tiny kittens. We had fun with that, and have tossed around the idea of doing it again from time to time, but never really did much about it until recently. We chatted with the folks at Happy Tails, had them come for a home visit (where they got to meet Sherman, because *everyone* meets Sherman when they come over, whether they want to or not), and then waited for the call.

This past Tuesday evening, Richard came home from work to find me dashing out the door, carrier in hand. While he set up the library for the new arrivals, I picked up our current fosters – a sweet, but nervous (and *very* protective) tabby mom and her (very large) two-week old kitten.

We’re posting pictures and updates here. Feel free to follow their progress there.

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