Smokey salty sour sweet

Today is the Day of the Crepe in France, according to Google (and Google would never lie to me), so naturally there had to be crepes. Here is where I freely admit that in the past I have said that you don’t really need a crepe pan; that a regular skillet will do, but it turns out crepe pans are magical devices that enable one to make vast quantities of crepes with minimal ripping, and also, they will all come out in relatively the same size and shape. So hooray to my awesome husband for getting me one last year for my birthday!

I used the crepe recipe from my Betty Crocker cookbook, which claims to make only a dozen crepes, but which actually makes lots more. This is not a bad thing, to be clear, because crepes can be filled with all manner of delicious things. This month, however, we are all about the lemon, so I pulled a recipe out of the dusty stacks (no idea where I originally found it), and dinner tonight was crepes stuffed with smoked salmon and topped with a sour cream, lemon, caper, and dill sauce.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but trust me when I say they are amazing. The sauce is nothing more than one cup of sour cream mixed with a dash of dill, two tablespoons of capers (finely chopped), and the zest and juice of one lemon. You get the sweetness of the crepe, the acidity of the lemon, the salty-sour of the capers, and the smoothness of the sour cream, all marrying perfectly with the salmon. Yum.

The entire time we were eating it, we kept saying ‘Why haven’t we made this more often?’ So…yeah…this one is definitely joining the rotation next year when the lemon tree explodes.

Lemons used: 1

Total lemons this month: 2

Making a lemon thing a day for Thingadailies.

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