Not an expert at haberdashery

First of all, in case you were wondering (and I am sure you were), my idea about eating the lemon sour cream waffles with lemon curd was an excellent one. Yum. But that meant that we used up the very last of last year’s lemon curd, so naturally I needed to make some more. I used my usual recipe, which involves lots of lemons and eggs and sugar and, cooked over a hot water bath until thickened.

Once I had made the curd, of course I had to come up with something to use it for. Since it happens to be the first day of Purim, I decided why not give hamantaschen a try – or more specifically Lemon Curd Hamantaschen.

The dough is a fairly straightforward sugar cookie dough – albeit very soft. It’s rolled out and cut into circles, into which you add the filling, and then comes the part where clearly I missed some important steps in the instructions because the end product is supposed to resemble a three-cornered hat and…well…

This is an excellent representation of the entire batch – not a single one kept its perfect little three-cornered shape. But no matter – despite being grossly misshapen, at least they taste absolutely delicious!

Plus there’s lots of extra lemon curd, which is good because there’s still more waffles. Yum.

Making a thing a day for Thingadailies.

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