That would be a nope

Every year when take on this ‘use up all the citrus’ challenge, I wander through the internet looking for recipes. This year I stumbled upon the Sunkist website, which has a whole pile of recipes, and some of them looked pretty tasty, including this one. Orange flavored rice krispy treats? Sure, why not, that could be good.

Let me stop you right here, in case you also might be falling for the same trap.


Trust me. Really. Don’t.

They’re sticky and weird and yes, vaguely orange flavored but….no.

We both took a couple bites and then dumped the rest of the pan. Ah well.

Citrus used: 1 mandarin orange

Total citrus used so far: 1 mandarin orange, 10 tangelos, 5 lemons

Making a thing a day for Thingadailies.

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